Movia since 1820

“Before my father passed the winery into my hands, he made me believe that we-people didn’t invent wine, we just discovered it. And everything starts from here.. “ -Aleš

We believe that wine is the second most important drink that a person consumes. That is why our work is honorable and, above all, very responsible. We are aware that the taste that nature itself can give to us is always better than the one with human interventions.

Believing in this, we know that it is nature that creates the admirable characteristics of wine.

Movia dates back to early 18th century and Kristančič family takes care of the estate since 1820. Today Movia extends over 30 hectares, 25 of which are vineyards spreading over both Slovenian-Goriška Brda region and Italian side, Collio.