Rebula 2020

Rebula 2020
Wine description & food pairing: 

Crystalline golden yellow color with a dense texture that quickly settles in the glass.

The bouquet is intense and expresses a rich intertwining of fruitiness with herbs. We perceive yellow apple, quince, ripe pear, and red grapefruit. Gentle hints of vanilla are intertwined with aromas of sage and thyme. The spectrum is rounded off by a pleasant scent of heated marl.

The wine is soft and feels warmer. The taste is balanced by minerality and youthful freshness, and we also sense a tannic grip. It is a wine of intensity, elegance, and full body. Its long-lasting aftertaste offers perceptions of quince, citrus, sweet spices, and herbs.

A harmonious wine that will display its trump cards as it matures, and above all, freshness and alcohol will keep it alive for a long time.

A wine, which can be served with pasta or potato dumplings with creamy sauces, will go well with salmon or sea bass fillet with Provencal potatoes and sauteed young vegetables.

Valentin Bufolin, 2022 Best Sommelier of Slovenia, Vice President of Slovenian Sommelier Association
General information: 
Grape variety: 100% Rebula
Vintage: 2020
Region: Goriška Brda (ZGP Brda), Slovenian side of Collio region
Vineyards: Java in Movia
Harvest: Handpicked, at the end of September


The process: 
Vinification process:  Grapes are fermented with the skins. The finish of alcoholic fermentation and the beginning of malolactic fermentation happens in the barrique barrels.
Aging:  18 months in 225l barrique barrels


SO2 total: 35 mg/l
Alcohol: 13 %
Residual sugar: 1,3 g/l
Total acidity: 4,70 g/l