Movia Lunar, 8 Moon 2018 -

General Information

Grape variety:
100% Ribolla
Goriška Brda (ZGP Brda), Slovenian side of Collio region
Fojana Burnik
Hand picked in the beginning of October

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A wine of clear amber color, with a dense texture and slowly slipping tears.

Its accentuated and fine aromas are reminiscent of boiled apple, quince, apricot and ripe pear. Scents of dried meadow flowers are joined by a hint of candied citrus, hay, nutmeg, white pepper, vanilla, honey, with the finish being especially herbal, with hints of lemon mint and thyme.

The palate feels soft, though it is quickly balanced by lively freshness, minerality and a slight astringency from tannins. The taste is intense, full-bodied, and with an accentuated, long-lasting elegance

A wine that we enjoy already now, but it will easily wait for many more years in the cellar, as indicated by its freshness and astringency.

It will go well with lamb racks in herbal clothes, pork shanks or ribs, also with angus beef tenderloin with miso paste and sauteed vegetables, or as an accompaniment to a good hamburger, which we assembled with selected and first-class ingredients.

Valentin Bufolin
Best Sommelier of Slovenia 2022, Vice President of Slovenian Sommelier Association

The Process

Vinification process: This wine is made with two touches. First touch is done during the harvest, when we pick the grapes; Ribolla grapes are destemmed and poured in barrique barrels (without usage of pump). And second, when we do batonage and add wine for 8 months. After 8 months we pour wine into the bottles. Lunar has no added sulphur.
Aging: Aging with maceration for 8 months in oak barrels with customized caps.
9 mg/l
Residual sugar:
1.0 g/l
Total acidity:
6.3 g/l